Development of Microcatchment Structures

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1- Agreements and Work Plan

The MoEnv signed three agreements with MoA/NCARE in 2012, 2013 and 2014 to design and implement micro-catchment water harvesting structures (contour ridges and bunds) at project sites using the Vallerani plow.  The purpose from these structures is improved productivity of planted shrubs. The work plan is based on implementing fodder shrub plantations in different parts in the Badia in sites selected jointly by BRP, project partners and local communities. The techniques introduced to farmers are based on planting fodder shrubs on contour ridges constructed by Vallerani machine. Assessment of sucess is made by the M&E team of the University of Jordan. The parameters for evaluation include soil moisture storage, vegetation survival rate, vegetation cover and production and soil erosion levels.

2- Activities/Outputs

Activity 1: Selection of sites for the construction of micro-catchments (MC)

Activity 2: Enhancing awareness of local communities on BRP objectives

Activity 3: Training members of FCU on the design and implementation of MC

Activity 4: Construction of MCs at project sites

3- Implemented areas and locations

By the end of year 2017, the total implemented area by the Vallerani machine reached 40,000 dunums. Most of these sites were planted, or in the process, by forage shrubs. Sampling for these sites was carried out by BRP to assess theri performance. All data regarding these sites is stored in the DBIU. The data includes contour ridges, sampling locations and analysis of results. Examples for data collected and stored for these strcutures is shown in the following figures, while geographic distribution of micro-catchment structures till the end of 2017 is shown in the map below.


Layout of implemented micro structures of waterharvesting implemented in the Middle Badia (An Example)



Locations of micro structures of water harvesting implemented through BRP


The field crew of BRP was trained to collect soil samples, install instruments and means for measuring soil erosion, measure vegetation attributes and characterize the different structures and needs for sucessful structures.

Examples on field activities are shown in the following photos acquired during M&E field visits in 2014/2015.

Photos by Dr Jawad Al-Bakri and Dr Ahmad Abu-Awwad.

I- Examples on micro-catchment structures established by Vallerani.

Al-Azraq area (Al-Grain site)


North of Safawi (Aranbeh site)


II- Collection of soil moisture samples





III- Insatllation of rods for measuring soil erosion 









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