Our strategic partners

1- The Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) is the main institution responsible for regulating the agricultural sector, its growth and development. The first Ministry of Agriculture was formed in the Emirate of Trans Jordan as part of the thirteenth Cabinet reshuffle on 6/8/1939. The first agriculture-related law (before the formation of the Ministry) was the Plantation Law that was adopted in 1927. This was the beginning of the adoption of agriculture-related laws and regulations. Currently, the MOA has several departments responsible for animal and livestock, crop productions, rangelands and forestry, Marketing and agribusiness, in addition to extension services department, which recently joined the NCARE. The MOA aims to raise self-dependence in providing foodstuff and in guaranteeing the sustainability of production and resources without damaging the environment. The ultimate goal of the MOA is to increase the income of farmers and to improve their standard of living which will strengthen the role of agricultural sector in contributing to the country’s economy and development. More details on the MOA, its services and activities are found at http://www.moa.gov.jo

2- The National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE)

The National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE) is a semi–autonomous institution and a leading center for research and extension in Jordan. It houses most agricultural research, projects and extension activities. NCARE is the supportive pillar for agricultural sector to achieve sustainability, protect the environment and achieve food security. NCARE establishment goes back to the late 1950’s, when the Department of Research and Extension has been created. In 1985, the research activities have been separated from the Department and enrolled under a new research center “The National Center for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer. NCARTT”, and became a semi-autonomous institution in 1993. In 2007 NCARTT has been reformed to include the extension activities and to become “The National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension, NCARE”.  NCARE has good relations with many national, regional and international institutions. More details on NCARE activities and responsibilities are found at http://www.ncare.gov.jo.

 3- Jordan Valley Authority (JVA)

As a formal body of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, JVA is resposible for the projects concerned with macro water harvesting on the form of small ponds and dams. The work plan of JVA was adopted for implementing about 80 ponds that will serve as watering points for livestock owners. By the end of 2014, about 31 ponds were implemented in the northern, middle and southern Badia. More details are included in the Integrated Watershed Management component of the BRP.

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