The production system in Badia is very fragile system, with severe resource degradation specially soil and vegetation. This is resulted from insufficient rainfall, overgrazing, plant uprooting and mismanagement of the resources by the communities. Alternative practices and collective management will be implemented in order to conserve the natural resources, therefore participatory approach management of the ecosystems in the Badia seems to be one of an attractive idea to improve the livelihoods of the people in that area.

 Participation of beneficiaries and community members in the planning and implementation of the activities in their areas is essential for the success of any efforts aiming at the restoration of the Badia ecosystems and the livelihood of these communities.

 As these communities in the targeted areas face complex issues, the participation will help in understanding their priorities and needs. The socioeconomic plan will enhance the participation of the communities by providing package of incentives that can serve as a viable model in helping communities to face their social and economic problems and to be active partner in the restoration and rehabilitation process of the Badia ecosystems


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