Expected Output

The expected outputs from the BRP implementation are:

  1. A range of analytic, participatory and tools to help the implementing institutions and decision makers on development of an integrated ecosystem model(s) that will empirically document and allow JNFP and implementing institutions to monitor the complex interactions within each ecosystem of the Badia.
  2. Trained national personnel and stakeholders at all levels, in the restoration of Badia ecosystem and improvement of rural livelihoods through the optimization of new and existing income-generating activities and livestock strategies and land and water management techniques.
  3. Sustainable rangeland and wildlife rehabilitation technologies and improved management practices encouraged and implemented in demo sites.
  4. Livestock cooperatives formed to ensure stakeholder engagement and sustainable management of the restored ecosystems.
  5. New and existing income-generating, rangeland/livestock products and markets channels and opportunities, tested and implemented in the ecosystems sites with the policy tools in place to scale-up and replicate methods in other areas.
  6. Development of a program to establish improved marketing chains by linking stockowners and shepherds.

Also, the following outcomes are expected from the BRP:

  1. Increased income for livestock owners and the target communities with achieved destocking rate (0.1 head/ha), as a long term objective.
  2. Restored and well managed ecosystems at community and institutional levels.
  3. Identified and planned land use and reduced stresses on fragile lands.
  4. Monitored land rehabilitation of the Badia.
  5. Improved capacity of institutions.
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