Program Management Unit (PMU) of BRP

The PMU of Badia Restoration Program (BRP) was formed and staffed by technical and administrative staff to manage and follow up the implementation of the BRP activities. The specific job descriptions and objectives of the PMU are derived from, but not limited to the responsibility assigned to the Government through the F4 Panel decision and based on the strategic objectives and responsibility included in the phasing plan. The PMU monitors work progress to insure the implementing agencies adhere to the terms of their contract; the PMU will prepare and submit to UNCC the technical and financial report required by the Guidelines. The PMU will process interim payments according to the Government Rules and Regulations. Following its launch, the PMU was staffed with the following:

  1. PMU Manager
  2. Socio-economic expert.
  3. Natural resources and environment expert, watershed management specialist.
  4. Executive Secretary.
  5. Driver.
  6. Accountant.

In response to IRs and UNCC recommendations for enhancing the capacity of the BRR-PMU, the PMU was further staffed with technical experts including:

  1. Policy and planning specialist.
  2. Small ruminant production expert.
  3. Rangeland management experts.
  4. Financial manager.
  5. Senior accountant, and
  6. IT support specialist.
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