BRP Work Plan

Work Plan of the Badia Restoration Program (BRP)

In compliance with the UNCC decision 258, the JNFP proposed two main phases for the CAP: the demonstration phase  and the full implementation phase. The phasing plan serves two purposes:

  1. To test the efficacy of the restoration approach(es) at a small scale, before scaling the program up for the entire targeted area,
  2. To manage the release of awarded funds from UNCC to the Government of Jordan upon the completion of measurable and agreed milestones. The BRP-PMU phasing plan ensures proper selection of restoration approaches and effective monitoring of the interventions. Detailed description of the BRP phasing plan is given in the following sections.

In total, CAP implementation (demo phase and full implementation) was planned for years 2011-2019. To achieve this work plan, the activities of BRP included:

1- Baseline surveys during year 2010.

2- Preparation of CAP during 2010-2011.

3- Implementation of CAP (2011-2019)


Also, the JNFP worked on developing the administrative infrastructure necessary to support its efforts in implementing the BRP. The current infrastructure includes:

    1. An accounting system that uses the standard procurement and accounting procedures of Jordan government. Records are kept using software to produce the financial annual reports;
    2. Established special tender committee from the relevant ministries to facilitate the bidding process and to meet the needs of BRP projects.
    3. Submitted annual work plans and budget to the SC of the ECU for their approval with the consultation with the IRs and the UNCC.
    4. Established schedules for auditing, carried out through the governments auditing offices at the Ministry of Environment.
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