BRP Road Map

The UNCC requested Jordan to produce a road map document for the first phase, which was produced by two experts, who prepared detailed guidelines for implementation. Therefore, the roadmap was the first document prepared by experts, under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment, following the UNCC decisions (award to environmental compensation). The aim behind this document was to collect all relevant studies and projects, with lessons learned, so that interventions for Badia restoration would be identified before developing action plans.

The BRP roadmap includes the following main sections:

  1. Historical Background of The Program.
  2. GOJ’S Polices And Objectives For Rangeland Improvement.
  3. Past Experience In Rangeland Development.
  4. Present Development Activities In Jordan.
  5. Conceptual Issues.
  6. Land Tenure.
  7. Cooperative Management Of Restored Ecosystems.
  8. Payment For Environmental Services.
  9. Roadmap Concept And Strategy.
  10. Call For Project Proposals And Evaluation.
  11. Follow-Up Of Restoration Program.
  12. Follow-up To Phase I.
  13. Documents Consulted.

To see full Document click on this link: Roadmap Remediation

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