Improving Water Quality for Livestock Watering Project

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1- Agreements and Work Plan

The Ministry of Environment (MoEnv) and the Ministry of Water and Irrigation/ Water Authority (MoWI/WA) signed three agreements in March 2012, Jul-2012 and September 2013 entitled “Desalinization and Treatment of Water Wells in Jordan Badia” to rehabilitate the wells of north and eastern Badia that were affected by the Gulf War in 1990/1991.  The work plan included upgrading the water quality of 11 wells in the Badia. The management and technical aspects of this project are the responsibility of MoWI/WA.  Companies from private sector were contracted to implement needed rehabilitation and construction.

2- Achieved Activities/Outputs (Accomplished by 2014)

Activity 1: Enhancing the awareness of local communities on BRP objectives

Activity 2: Assessment of the current status of wells (preliminary studies) 

Activity 3: Identification of rehabilitation requirements of the assessed wells 

Activity 4: Preparation of tender documents

Activity 5: Implementation

 The types of treatments that were used included RO units for deslaination and units to remove nitrate, Arsenic and other pollutants, in addition to chlorination untis. The BRP also supported the activities of rehabilitation of pipes network inside the stations, storage facility, pumping units and other infrastructure needed for improving water quality for the community of targeted communities. Examples on these treatments are shown in the following photos, that were collected by the M&E team during 2014/2015. More details can be found in the Monitoring and Evaluation Reports provided on this website.

Pumping unit of Dabaan well


Installed sand filters, Arsenic and Ammonia removal units for Jaber albalad rehabilitated well, December 2014.



Automatic control unit and water treatments in Al-Omari well.

The list of wells and locations inside the Badia where BRP contributed to improving improving water quality and infrastructure. 

Well Name


Type of Work


الزنية 2

N: 32.214

E: 36.111

Improve water quality (high salinity and nitrate)



N: 32.208

E: 36.136

Replace the old desalination pump (50 m3/h) and install new one with 120 m3/h capacity


الزنية 5

N: 32.212

E: 36.153

Install new pipes to fit with the new pump

Replacing the old electrical control panel with new one with large capacity



N: 31.54894

E: 37.0144

Installation of pump matrix, sand filter, backwash pump Matrix, RO units, desalination control unit, tanks, infrastructure needed for the units.



N: 32.956

E: 35.956

Improve water quality from the bacterial content and ensure the continuity of wells

Treatment for microbiological contamination




Install  solar unit for wells operation



N: 31.097

E: 37.248

Install  solar unit for wells operation



N: 32.18456

E: 36.204

Installation of desalination unit, tanks, pumps and pumping building, infrastructure to serve the unit.


مغير السرحان

N: 32.4618

E: 36.2124

Drilling well, well casing

Jaber al Balad

جابر البلد

N: 32.5061

E: 36.195

Installation of treatment unit for Arsenic and Ammonia including backwash and aeration system with tanks and building operator and storage facility and chemicals



N: 30.8909

E: 35.9842

Installation of pipeline network, tanks, pumping facility with control units and pumps, aeration tower, sand filters and other infrastructure



N: 30.5963

E: 35.8115

Installation of reservoir,  pumping facility with control units and pumps, water chlorination, pipelines and other infrastructure

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