Implementing Institutions Reports

1- Reports of Jordan Valley Authority (JVA)

JVA is responsible for implementing macro-catchment water harvesting project; i.e. small earth dams and ponds (Hafeer). Following is the list of reports submitted by JVA:


2- Reports of Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)

MoA is involved in the activities of fodder shrubs plantation, rangeland management, livestock sector including mobile clinic and veterinary services, in addition to the activities involving rangeland cooperatives. The main reports (Hardcopy) submitted by MoA include:

3- Reports of Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ)
WAJ is involved in the activities related to improving water quality for ranchers and livestock watering in Badia by the utilization of polluted ground water wells by installation of treatment units and distribution systems in the areas that do not have drinking water supply and bt drilling new wells to increase supplied water quantities. The main reports submitted by WAJ include:

4- Reports of National Center for Agricultural Research And Extension (NCARE) 
NCARE is involved in the activities related to implementation of water harvesting activities, implementation of soil conservation activities and implementation of activities related to conserving of livestock in Boobahi and Bandan in Rweashid and in Subhi and Nekd in Azraq. The main Reports submitted by NCARE include:
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